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Real Estate Prospecting Letters for Drip Marketing to Sellers

Prospecting for listings via letters is a tried and true method - made easier now with web page capture forms and auto responder email marketing. (But that doesn't mean you shouldn't mail letters to selected individuals.)

What your letters say does matter, so don't take chances. Choose from these real estate letter sets written by a professional copywriter who knows the business of real estate and understands the emotions that cause buyers and sellers to choose one agent over another.

You won't find hard-sell here. These letters are designed to build trust even before your new clients meet you.

Click on any of the titles below to learn more about each of these letter sets.

  • NEW! The "I have a buyer" Letters to sellers in distress
  • For agents who have buyers who have expressed interest in an unlisted house.

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  • New! The Senior Citizen Relocation Letters

    For agents who specialize in assisting senior citizens with the sale of their homes.

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    Remember - buyers visit your site too. Use these Buyer Letters to show them how you can make their home search easier.

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